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There were many celebrating the rise of an underdog at the end of yesterday’s Super Bowl. We want to recognize the other underdog.

This year we saw a distinct trend outside the norm. Those multi-million dollar 30-60 second ad spots were utilizing some of that time to focus our attention on giving back!

Hope Detector | Hyundai NFL Super Bowl LIITaps Super Bowl Commercial | & Stella Artois

Examples included brand, Stella Artois, dedicating their entire spot to focus on their partnership with nonprofit; Hyundai promoting their own charity, Hyundai Hope On Wheels in their 60 second spot; and Budweiser’s 60 seconds looked at their efforts to donate cans of water to on-going disaster relief efforts.

Maybe next year some philanthropic-minded company will be permitted to run a 5 second black and white ad that simply says “We donated the other $100,000,000 in ad cost to the following charities…” with their website. Powerful, no? It could happen!

But until then we are pleased to see this caring and giving trend. We wanted to share it with all of you and say thank you again for caring! 

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