The Arc Southern Maryland

The Arc Southern Maryland

Employ Abilities. Hire Our Workforce.

Many businesses throughout Southern Maryland have partnered with The Arc Southern Maryland to employ people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and have found the experience to be rewarding for both the employer and employee!

The Arc’s vocational support staff help to match the right candidate to the needs of the employer, with the individual’s strengths and interests in mind. Our staff provide on-site job coaching that fits the needs of the employee and business, at no cost to the employer.

The Arc Southern Maryland has assisted workers with placements in a variety of work settings including, but not limited to: food service, administrative, custodial, and customer service.

An employment partnership with The Arc Southern Maryland provides your business with:

  • On -the-job training assistance with skilled coaches, at no cost to you
  • Well qualified candidates
  • Dedicated and dependable workers
  • A more diverse workforce and potential tax credits

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We find it very, very rewarding,” Bob Salta, co-founder of, said of employing those with IDD. “I’ve been employing individuals with disabilities since the early seventies,” said Salta, “I just have a passion.” Salta went on to explain that there was a time when there was no support for individuals with IDD seeking employment within the community. At the time, training these individuals, while managing some of their unique needs, could be a challenge. He was grateful that progress had since been made by agencies, such as The Arc, in providing staff that support individuals with IDD to gain and maintain employment, often assisting them directly on the job site. “I would say they’re incredibly dependable,” said Salta of individuals he has employed, “it’s been a tremendous benefit to my company.

There are many reasons to create and inclusive workforce:
When you hire someone with a disability, for each taxable year a credit is allowed in an amount up to 30% of the first $9,000 ($2,700) of wages paid during the first year and second years of employment.
Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are 48% less likely than those with a disability to leave a job and have a 98% retention rate.
Your bottom line increases because of the low turnover rate AND the supported employment services offered by The Arc Southern Maryland. Our trained and dedicated staff will meet with you to identify your specific business needs and then provide the needed supports throughout employment.
When your business truly accommodates people with disabilities, you develop a compassionate workforce who support each other. It can positively change your employees’ and customers’ perception of community.